Noord Nederland


Board NGIZ Noord 2022-2023

  • – Heiko Manz (voorzitter)
    – Arjen Bloem (secretaris)
    – Maartje Molhuysen (penningmeester)
    – Kira Stavorinus (PR coördinator)
    – Fien Kroon (lecture and masterclass coördinator)
    – Marina Boerma (lecture and masterclass coördinator)
    – Renske Turksema (external project coördinator


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NGIZ Noord is one of the regional departments of NGIZ. Our student-run department aims to organise lectures, masterclasses, and other partnerships with student and study organisations in Groningen.

External project committee

Our department also hosts an External Project Committee which gives lectures at high schools and vocational education institutes. The aim of these lectures is to interest youngsters in national and international affairs.