• The Chairman (+ Coordinator External projects):
    The Chairman leads the weekly meetings, is responsible for the overall of NGIZ-Noord activities and attends national NGIZ meetings. In addition, the external projects, workshops that are given by a committee of students on international topics at high schools, are also the Chairman’s responsiblity.
  • The Secretary:
    The Secretary joins the Chairman in attending the national NGIZ meetings, in which all NGIZ departments come together. These meetings are held in The Hague, twice a year. Next to that the Secretary keeps notes during the weekly NGIZ Noord meetings, keeps track of the mailbox and digital mail, and is responsible for making schedules if necessary.
  • Lectures Coordinator:
    The Lectures Coordinator takes responsibilities of arranging the Lectures and Mini-Masterclasses, of which NGIZ Noord organises approximately 5 per year. The coordinator is in charge of all organisational aspects, from deciding on the topic that is interesting for a wide range of students, until contacting speakers and organising the location for the activity.
  • Masterclass Coordinator:
    The Masterclass Coordinator is in charge of organising the NGIZ Noord Masterclasses, which offer an in-depth view on a specific topic. Several speakers are invited to elaborate on a central theme related to international relations.
  • Public Relations Coordinator:
    The PR Coordinator is responsible for the promotion of the NGIZ Noord activities. Furthermore, the coordinator is in charge of keeping the website, Facebook page and website up to date. As the PR Coordinator is involved in all activities, its responsibilities are spread over the whole year.

2016-2017 (huidig)

  • Annemijn de Boer – Voorzitter
  • Jochem Lammersma – Secretaris & Fiscus
  • Annelien Netjes – Coördinator Lezingen
  • Sebastiaan Tideman – Coördinator Masterclasses
  • Jasper Krijnen – Coördinator Public Relations


  • Julius Wijnands – Voorzitter
  • Nynke Broos – Secretaris & Fiscus
  • Marthe Grotenhuis – Coördinator Lezingen
  • Michiel van der Steeg – Coördinator Masterclasses
  • Yi-han Wen – Coördinator Public Relations


  • Maarten Meijer – Voorzitter & Coördinator Externe Projecten
  • Hannah van den Hil – Secretaris & Fiscus
  • Machteld van Dijk – Coördinator Lezingen
  • Nynke Osinga – Coördinator Masterclasses
  • Jan Dirk Annevelink – Coördinator Public Relations


  • Esmee Gemke – Voorzitter
  • Rosanne Kuiper – Secretaris
  • Michiel van Gorp – Fiscus en Coördinator Externe Projecten
  • Christiaan Triebert – Coördinator Lezingen
  • Michiel Dölle – Coördinator Masterclasses
  • Gerdien Velink   –   Coördinator Public Relations

2012-2013   tweede Semester

  • Eva Maas – Voorzitter
  • Marjolein Sliep – Secretaris / Coördinator conference SIB
  • Michiel van Gorp  – Fiscus / Coördinator Masterclass Clingendael
  • Julia Soldatiuk –  Coördinator Lezingen
  • Noor Lekkerkerker – Coördinator Externe Projecten
  • Esmee Gemke – Coördinator Raad van Advies
  • Sara Teiken – Coördinator Public Relations

2012-2013   eerste semester

  • Veerle Brink – Voorzitter
  • Marjolein Sliep – Secretaris
  • Eva Maas – Fiscus / Coördinator Masterclass Clingendael
  • Simone Kobes – Coördinator Lezingen
  • Noor Lekkerkerker –Coördinator Externe Projecten
  • Sara Teiken – Coördinator Public Relations