Fighting for (y)our Rule of Law in Poland

Gepubliceerd op 31 januari 2021

The current attack on judges and the rule of law in Poland affects all of Europe. Our interconnectedness means that problems in one Member State may concern not only those who are nationals of that Member State, but all Europeans.

NGIZ professor John Morijn has been at the forefront of the fight against the reforms the Polish government has instituted in recent years. In 2015 prof. Morijn launched the campaign #WithWoj when his former teacher and one of the harshest critics of the Polish government Prof. Wojciech Sadurski was being persecuted. With a coalition of people in Brussels and all over Europe, prof. Morijn has been advocating for the safeguarding of the principles of the Rule of Law in Europe.

Besides his work on Poland, prof. Morijn teaches and does research at the University of Groningen, he is a commissioner at the Dutch Human Right Council and he advises the Dutch government on Migration Affairs at the ACVZ.

In our next lecture prof. Morijn will, based on his own experiences, reflect on recent  developments, what they mean, and what we can all do to help those in Poland who fight for the rule of law. After his talk prof. Morijn would love for everyone to participate in the discussion on the future of the rule of law in Europe!

The lecture will take place on Tuesday February 9th, starting at 8pm. You can sign up for free here: A participation link will be provided by email on the day of the event.