NGIZ Noord Lecture | Dr. Haroon Sheikh: Hydropolitics

Gepubliceerd op 25 februari 2021

What would you do if another country would cut off your access to water? What kind of political games are being played on the seas? How will Climate Change affect the future of international relations?

These and many more questions will be answered by philosopher and academic dr. Haroon Sheikh in his lecture for NGIZ Noord! Dr. Sheikh will give us an in-depth look into his new book Hydropolitiek, by discussing the philosophy behind the politics of water and by expanding upon specific cases of hydropolitics around the globe! Afterwards, dr. Sheikh would love to answer all your questions.

Dr. Haroon Sheikh has had a remarkably diverse career. After studying political science, public administration and philosophy at Oxford, he got his doctorate in Philosophy at the VU Amsterdam. After spending some time doing research in the private sector and founding his own think tank, dr. Sheikh got a teaching position at the VU Amsterdam. Today he has published a great number of books, is a contributor to major Dutch newspapers and he advises the government on policy.

The lecture will take place on Tuesday March 2nd, starting at 8pm. You can sign up for free here: A participation link will be provided by email after signing up.