NGIZ Noord Lecture | Emilie van Outeren

Gepubliceerd op 7 februari 2022

Want to know more about the situation at the border between Poland and Belarus? Join us for our conversation with Emilie van Outeren on February 15th at 20:00h!

Emilie van Outeren (1980) is the Central Europe and Balkans Correspondent for leading Dutch daily NRC. She explores the region as a roving reporter and focuses on how politics, policy, migration, corruption and conflict affect average people. She won the highest Dutch journalism award for reporting, De Tegel, for her work from Belarus in 2020. She has an MA in History from the University in Groningen and an MS from the Columbia Journalism School in New York.

Attendance is free. If you want to attend this lecture, please sign up by filling out this form: A participation link will be provided by email after signing up.